Industrial Designer Duo Creates Focus Watch Inspired By Road Signs

Collaboration of two industrial designers Sam Beaney and Ed Burgess brought rise to the “Focus”. It is a concept smartwatch that questions what a smartwatch could be. We didn’t want to simply slap a phone onto a wrist. We started by questioning what role we think a smartwatch currently could have; and after much debate and questioning the conclusion we came to was: ‘“Information you need when you need it”.

Duo Creates Focus Watch

It was vital that the watchband has as close to perfect surface curvature with the watch body as possible. The user can’t be distracted by superfluous hardware but instead must be able to focus on the information they need, when they need it. We didn’t simply want to make a bezel-less watch for the sake of it. We chose a round watch face with large bezels as it provides a focus, helping a user to be able to quickly extract the information at a glance; in the same way, that road signs do.

Duo Creates Focus Watch


All images with courtesy of Sam Beaney & Ed Burgess


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