Enchroma Fixes Color Blindness

People affected by color blindness aren’t able to perceive right colors under normal light. After almost decade of research now color blindness finds a solution with Enchroma glasses. Founded by Andrew Schmeder and Don McPherson, in 2010, Enchroma, fuses neuroscience and optical technology.

The human eye captures light and transmits it to retina, where millions of cells transforms the image into neural signals. Each retina cone cell responds to a specific light frequency. Being abale to see colors allows humans to understand the shape of objects. When the color deficiency manifests the cells are functioning in a wrong manner. Exist different types of this pathology, but the most common is the ‘red-green color blindness.’ The two colors, red and green, are perceived by the cells in an overlapping way. The Enchroma lens are adressing the color blindness by containing an optical material that helps the cells to answer separately to each color.

Enchroma Fixes Color Blindness

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