Erik Ferguson Digitally Creates Splendid Freaks Of Nature

Erik Ferguson Digitally Creates Splendid Freaks Of Nature

The domain of computer generated art has launched new kinds of creativities and visions. Who is to say that works must be visually attractive in order to be considered art? This is simply not the case and in fact, hinders on true artistic expression. Enter Erik Ferguson, who challenges creative comfort zones with his disorienting yet brilliant works. You can find diligently created oddities like multi-tentacled creatures, pulsing sacks of flesh, mutated heads, and slimy amoeba to tantalize your innate curiosity for the bizarre.

Ferguson’s body of work depart from more mainstream CG art in that he depicts textures and tactility that are unsettling to most but he does so to such precision, it is totally impressive to almost feel the sliminess emanating from the graphics. Using ZBrush, he sculpts his objects into digital being and breathing in them a life meant to push boundaries. Much can be appreciated from Ferguson’s ingenuity and skillset.

The cutting edge quality of his imagery combined with off the wall concepts make for a robust portfolio of authentic works. Aside from the more otherworldly aesthetic, he also is an expert in motion graphics and capturing the human form. Erik Ferguson’s genius for the stranger things in life has given him opportunities to work for MTV and various bands like Gorillaz.

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