Evan Belforti reveals futuristic ‘Floatride Energy Argus X’ Sneaker

Evan Belforti: While running sneakers today are validated through their weight and efficiency, there was a time when protection, security, and support were the defining aspects of all running sneakers. With the Argus X the goal was to reference and hyperbolize these older concepts of security without sacrificing the slim silhouette championed by the evolution of performance running.

The new Floatride Energy Argus X utilizes the Floatride Energy X midsole and outsole. Featuring a TPU shield on the top that allows for a variety of lacing options. Users will pull the laces and stretch them to any of the four shield hooks to increase how tight the shell encloses onto the foot, while also dictating the look of the shoe through different hook combinations. 

The lacing system for the Argus X was inspired by a hook system found on the Reebok Lokensock water shoe. This locking system reminded me of medieval armor and helmets and after investigating some of this medieval technology, the shield and hook system was developed.

The lines and holes that create the shell are reference to the overlap between Reebok organic shaping found in late 90s and early 2000s running shoes, and the medieval helmets that helped inspire the lacing system itself. This Beige color is 1 of 4 colors releasing for this season, currently out in Japan, and will be available globally soon.

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