The Fabricant: A Digital Fashion House That Creates Digital-Only Clothing

The Fabricant is a digital fashion house with a clear focus on photo-real 3D fashion design and animation. They are making the next step in the fashion industry by introducing it to a new sector of virtual clothing. The team of young designers and visionaries offer digital fashion editorials, digital apparel and periodic collections. Their digital fashion visuals can be employed in stores, online platforms and digital channels. The designs can be ordered in packages or as single pieces. The Fabricant designers use tools and techniques from the film visual effects industry to produce hyper-real digital fashion experiences. By using motion capture, 3D animation software and body scanning they form fashion designs that captivate audiences and are at the same time hyper realistic.

The Fabricant joins the ability from both design and animation enterprises to deliver enhancing fashion content for digital and physical channels. The favorable standpoint of the advanced technologies is the adaptability to envision, model and modify the designs to any situation whenever during and after production process. The Fabricant is an efficient alternative to the current photograph – and film content. This smart blend of all digital items can better educate customers and elevate brands to higher conversations and better service administration.

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