Fishide Forms Optical Musings From An Intersection Of Reality And Fantasy

Fikri Amanda Abubakar aka fishide forms optical musings from an intersection of reality and fantasy in his photographical work. Taking a look at his most recent work from his Instagram feed, viewers can follow along with the dreamy spectacles of a seemingly autonomous cloud that roams eccentric environments. A specific composition and choice in space and light generates a mood within each photo.

The gradients present in many of Abubakar’s images impart a feeling of desirable composure as if the worlds he creates exist in a special state of perpetuity, time ruled by the static buoyancy of the setting sun. With the point of view very close to the foreground, minds can wander into forever when all that is perceived is endless water, sky, or rolling hills. Structural angles are artistically posed and framed in a way that reveals a defining beauty of chaste arrangement.

The sagacious imagery is laced with douceur and sentimentality, the softness is ample to still and extract viewers from the familiarity of their own world and into the metaphysical and infinite space of these chimeric existences. In the works of Abubakar, time ceases to operate and all the elements of a dream work to fabricate a truly existential experience sensitive to feeling and naked thought, a space and place no one ever wants to leave.

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