Flavio Carvalho Experiments With Vector Manipulations

San Francisco-based designer Flavio Carvalho wants to make images mesmerizing. Carvalho first learned 3D modeling software when working at an advertising agency in his hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil. His latest series, Tracer Experiments, experiments with vector manipulations using Cinema 4D software.

Carvalho found that by changing the x and y-axes within the program’s tracer feature, he was able to make different shapes and graphics. The final product, which Carvalho curated with his nearly 47k Instagram followers in mind, appear visually simple but require complex technical work.

Carvalho’s artwork is influenced by a number of factors. There’s his past professional work in branding and graphic design, jobs that have taken him from Brazil to Canada to San Francisco. He’s also affected by what he sees and consumes: A recent trip to Tokyo inspired a particular attention to minimalism, a thread woven throughout Carvalho’s work.

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