Frederik Heyman’s Eclectic 3-D Realities

Virtual relics comprising of various forms of media prove to be an adroit specialty of Frederik Heyman. His digitally molded visions all carry an aspect of allegory and narration that is supremely fluid. The quality of such imagery is a cause of utilising photogrammetry in order to fabricate an artistically bountiful canvas. This involves 3-D scanning technology to capture real world objects and translating them into a digital context to further explore possible functions. Heyman employs videography, photography, and installation to demonstrate his cultivated notions and ideology. As a detail oriented artist, his works occupy the viewer’s mind as their eyes wander about the digitally outfitted scenes before them.

The images are loaded with provocative thought and exhibited in a manner that is curiously distinct. Human subjects are balanced in an environment that seems anomalous and aesthetically queer. Their existence is of a different sort in Heyman’s photos, they exude an eccentric spirit that makes the entire image even more optimally unconventional. The most recent project is a short film titled “Virtual Embalming,” where women conceptualise their very own memorial in a memento for the future. Heyman’s creativeness has garnered the attention of Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Dust Magazine, and many more through commissioned works. At the moment, the multimedia artist is exploring the methodology of imagery in creating memories across many diverse cultures.

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