Freight Farms Makes Food Accessible In Any Climate

Freight Farms is the brainchild of Brad McNamara and Jon Friedman. When they noticed that the urban agriculture was emerging they decided to found Freight Farms, in 2010. Their goal was to build something that will allow to grow goods in any place and at any climate conditions. They introduced the Leafy Green Machine™, which is home to a vertical hydroponic farming system. Inside this container could be grown fresh goods like herbs, lettuces and hearty greens. The LGM™ offers the opportunity to individuals and organisations to cultivate and supply food all year-round.

The LGM™ is located inside a container that is provided by all the needed equipment to start the production immediately. The system has smart controls, which read the water and air conditions data and make the due adjustments. Considering the discrete dimensions of the container, 40-ft, inside it can be grown 2-4 tons of production a year.

The seeds spend about a week in germination shelf, once they have sprouted they are moved to the seedling for other few weeks. The plants go vertical, this position helps saving space and water. Any excess of the water, cwhich drips from above thought the towers, is reused. The LGM™ is employing less than 5 galloons of water per day. 

All images: Freight Farms

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