Fully AI Generated Models By DataGrid

Generating fully real virtual bodies that move authentically has been achieved by Japan’s creative AI development team DataGrid. This technology is called systematic model generation, and it can be used for fashion advertisers or even communicators in the virtual sphere.

This new technology began with facial reproduction, and hurdles had to be jumped by producing nested computational networks to display unpredictable life like micro cues or natural symmetries in facial movements, but they have done it.

DataGrid relied upon AI deep learning and created an innovation called GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) to master facial movement and bodily change from a completely self generated library of stock elements. This technology is positioned for advertising virtual apparel in stores, but its application can go as far as film or even the personal VR realm. To produce a fully new lifelike person from thin air is certainly something to behold, and DataGrid, though their creative AI, has achieved this once impossible feat.

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