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Galactic Themes of INDIGO’s Interstellar Imagery

The creative entity, INDIGO, flings viewers into the dreamy and vast ambiences they digitally construct. A surreal perspective on nature, INDIGO’s imagery entails intensely polychromatic skies, florid vistas, and an emphasis on a plethora of radiant stars. They create ultimate fantasies of scenes from a celestial realm. Lighting plays a major role in many of the visualisations.

A specific tone is set according to the mood of the lighting, in some photos the brightness is low but the contrast is high enough to reveal how the structures in the photo are bathed in this enigmatic light. Color scheme is instrumental in the transmutation of INDIGO’s images into a more ethereal atmosphere. Pigments are cleverly and purposefully chosen to deviate from normal colors seen in the humdrum of the everyday. Their design and conceptualization is enchanting, nothing seems to be impossible.

Astral worlds gape out from the visages of women in a glorious projection of constellation and gorgeous coloration. A lighthouse emits a rainbow beam, a smiling woman bathes in the cosmos, a hand literally beholding an entire mini galaxy. The magnificent imagery is riveting for all audiences, allowing the mind to travel to worlds INDIGO digitally and uniquely fabricates.

All images, courtesy of artist: INDIGO

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