Graphic Motion Experiments From A$H That Fling Viewers Into Surrealism

Graphic motion designer, A$H, manipulates 3-D animation to create exquisitely surreal images and videos. There is a discernable hallucinatory factor to the imagery that allures viewers. He plays around with the context of which elements are inhabited. Everyday situations and objects are subjected to A$H’s visionary imagination, producing a perfectly fantastical visual experience that is unforgettable.

A dancing figure of lemons, an ominous hand emerging from an iPhone, a phantom of a lion made of black smoke are some of the captivating concepts A$H characterizes in his visual feed. Illustration is also a strong suit of the artist, with digital graphics of famous rappers, tigers, and footwear.

A versatility exists for this multiskilled artist who has impressively created works for brands like Nike, Adidas, Apple, and has even been recognized by Ice Cube himself for a work inspired by the rapper.

Sleek and conceptually advanced explains the style of A$H. Throughout his body of work, there are concepts that are foundations to the image’s erudition and complexity.

A range of moods also exists for the visuals he presents, from comical to breathtakingly astonishing. A$H is a true master of his artistry and each graphic he produces is prolific and impassioned.

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