Hans Ramzan designs a solar powered water purifier

Hans Ramzan designs a solar powered water purifier

The solar water purifier by Hans Ramzan

In third-world villages, the lack of clean drinking water poses a deadly threat to young children. With no access to clean drinking wells for miles, families are forced to rely on stagnant and bacteria-ridden water, putting their children’s lives at risk. Tragically, the numbers speak for themselves, as over 370,000 under-fives in Asia alone succumbed to diarrhoea last year due to this desperate reality.

This situation highlights the urgent need for the world to address its most pressing challenges, including access to clean drinking water for everyone. The consequences of inaction are devastating, with countless innocent lives lost each year due to preventable diseases.

Hans Ramzan designs a solar powered water purifier

It’s time for us to take a stand and work towards a future where no child has to die from drinking dirty water. This means investing in infrastructure, education, and technology to provide sustainable and safe drinking water sources in every village and community. It also means addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality that perpetuate this deadly cycle.

In geometric softness, the emphasis is on creating a minimalist and clean aesthetic that is both functional and visually appealing. The use of soft, elegant junctions, such as curves and rounded corners, adds a sense of warmth and approachability to the design.

Hans Ramzan designs a solar powered water purifier

By exploring different water storage capacities, one can identify the optimal volume of water that can be stored, depending on factors such as the available space, water demand, and environmental conditions. This can be achieved through experimentation with different tank sizes, shapes, and materials.

Using a metal body can be impractical and expensive for certain applications. Similarly, in a rural environment, vibrant colors may not be suitable as they can be overwhelming and clash with the natural surroundings.

Hans Ramzan designs a solar powered water purifier

The smooth edges and detachable design of this product make it easy to clean. Additionally, its versatile design allows it to be used with snap-on metal legs or placed on an outdoor table to maximize sunlight exposure in developing countries.

This product features a silicone lid that provides insulation and is molded around an aluminum plate. The external volume indicator is useful in indicating the maximum fill line, especially after adding contaminated water. Furthermore, the covered overflow hole prevents unsanitary water from spilling into the clean chamber, ensuring that the water remains safe and clean for use.

Hans Ramzan designs a solar powered water purifier

When dirty water comes into contact with the hot core, it undergoes boiling, which helps to eliminate any bacterial residue present. The resulting steam then transitions to the sloped cooling chamber, where it condenses and becomes pure, distilled water. To ensure that no steam escapes, the lid encloses the overflow hole, which helps to keep the entire process contained within the system.

The product uses a domed fresnel lens to magnify the sun’s energy and capture it from all angles, resulting in scorching temperatures. The aluminum plate located in the lid serves as a thermal conductor, capturing the magnified sun energy and transferring the heat to the core, much like how a kettle works. To dispense drinking water, simply turn the knurled tap.

Hans Ramzan designs a solar powered water purifier

Stil has a 12L water capacity, which is sufficient for a family of six. The product’s material choices were made in such a way as to conceal the water filtration system behind an opaque bamboo composite material, while a clear plastic material is used to showcase the clean, filtered water.

Stil is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it accessible to those living in developing nations. The product aims to save lives through its simple yet effective filtration process:

  • Dirty water is poured into the chamber
  • Stil utilizes magnified sunlight to boil the water
  • The resulting steam from the boiled water cools and condenses into clean, drinkable water.
Hans Ramzan designs a solar powered water purifier

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