Illustrator Ori Toor Draws Up Mythical Worlds


The collages of Ori Toor are loaded with imagery that draw the attention and marvel of countless viewers. What’s most intriguing about the Tel-Aviv illustrator’s work is that each one transmutes into its very own universe. There are so many parts and details embedded in each image that it can be observed as an ecosystem of sorts, the elements participating with and among each other. In a way, the whole image appears like a machine operating in a wonderfully fictional yet logical manner.


The use of space when crafting the illustrations is deliberately organic, all the symbols and images meld together in a harmonious melange. Within the collages, the imagery is composed of line drawings that stand out, bold and discernible from each other. The depth Toor integrates in his drawings is spirited and sophisticated. One can observe how the components will overlap each other, contributing further to the fantastical chasm.


The color choice Toor prescribes to his illustrations is remarkable, truly instrumental in his overall characteristic aesthetic. A specific tone and energy correlates with each drawing and its palette of colors, some emitting a warmness or comfort, others a more bold vivaciousness, and some with cooler undercurrents. Ori Toor’s terrific works has gained him opportunities to create for companies like Apple, Cartoon Network, and Nike.



All images: Ori Toor

For more information, visit the Ori Toor website

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