Inertia Introduces ‘The Aeva’, An Indoor Hydroponic Farm

Inertia Introduces 'The Aeva'

Designer: Inertia 

Project Name: The Aeva

Project Information: The Aeva is indoor hydroponic farm that looks as good as it works. When we see it, we see a furniture piece more than an equipment unit. They reached this goal by using wood for the exterior. Aeva is focused to families or couples with not much home space. Inertia, the company that created the Aeva with Just Vertical, are very concerned about the harm that the large scale industrial farming is doing to the planet. Soil degradation, ocean pollution, and transport consequences.

Aeva is an all in one system. It allows to grown vegetables like kale, spinach, tomatoes, aromatic herbs, little fruits like berries among others. No matter what season of the year, the Aeva owner will have the possibility of getting fresh, clean and safe, pesticide free vegetables. About to 4,5 kilos of food per month. The Aeva has an easy installation that requires no tools. Basically you need to find the right spot, add water and start to grow.

Inertia Introduces 'The Aeva'
Inertia Introduces 'The Aeva'

All images: Randy Yang // Inertia

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