International Competition : Innovative Furniture 03

Competition Details

The competition is open to everyone, students and professionals. Design furniture that is ergonomic, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and can be built in neglected communities. As we all know, people in slums and other neglected communities lack space for housing. Designed furniture should adapt and transform from smaller spaces to larger spaces, depending on the user’s adaptation needs, help them store, sit, sleep, read and write and much more Again. L’Atelier Architects de Ketham is an international firm based in India. Previously, the Ketham workshop made low-cost furniture and trained students, widowed women and others from neglected communities in manufacturing and donated the same furniture to these communities. Ketham Workshop would support the winning designs of the competition, help to further develop the design and build prototypes and donate them to the NGO Thinking Hand. NGO, which will share it with neglected communities. The photo gallery below shows the furniture built and shared earlier.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Innovative
  • Quality in design
  • Material (ecological) Stability and structure
  • Building idea
  • Express an idea clearly on paper


  • First, Second, Third and two special mentions
  • The winning project will be built by Atelier Architectes de Ketham
  • Winning projects in publication
  • Winning projects will receive a certificate
  • Constructed furniture will be shared in neglected communities


  • December 31, 2023 – Anyone interested in design can participate (only one person per team)
  • Name, school/college/occupation, age, address, telephone number
  • Once registered, PLEASE SEND YOURSELF A PAYMENT CONFIRMATION by email:, you will then receive a unique identification number by email
  • Early registration – October 30, 2023

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