Lisa Odette explores the female essence through basic shapes and bright colors

Lisa Odette explores the female essence through basic shapes and bright colors

Please introduce yourself.

I’m Lisa Odette, a 3D & 2D artist and animator who loves to explore the female essence through basic shapes and bright colors.

How did you get into art, and what motivates you to create?

Drawing is the thing I enjoy doing the most and it’s always been that way. I studied Graphic Design as at the time I thought it was the most secure way to have a career doing something creative. My work as a graphic designer had more and more illustrations as time passed, I got into motion graphics and later I learned to use 3D softwares, got into a 3D studio and slowly began to create personal projects. mostly portraying feminine characters. Now I am a freelance 3D and 2D artists and I feel I still have a long way to develop my own style, but so far is a pleasant ride.

What memory do you recall most vividly from childhood about your creative talent?

Both my parents studied art. When they were working as artists, I might start to imitate them and got into drawing when I was very little, and I guess I enjoyed it as I still do. As an introvert, I always loved spending time by myself, and drawing was the perfect activity for me.

How would you best describe your style, and who/what are some of your major influences?

I would describe my style as “simple yet overthought”. I like to create stylized forms and use a restricted color palette, mostly composed of primary colors. In order to get to simple and balanced composition, I spend a big amount of time cleaning and trying to not have too many random elements in my works. My major art influences come from the Avant Garde movement, especially Matisse. I also love the work of the sculptor Constantin Brancusi, Picasso, Tamara Lempicka, the Bauhaus movement, Japanese wood prints, and the ukiyo-e style overall and I like to see what are the trends in 3D art and design. In short, I have a lot of references.

What part of the creative process would you rather avoid and the part you can’t get enough of?

I would rather avoid using stock / realistic models for my 3D works just because it doesn’t match my style, and I feel the need to create everything from scratch or have my asset library that is growing over time. What I can’t get enough of is using bright colors and combining them until I feel sick but satisfied.

How do commercial pressure and the business of art affect, shape, or guide your creative decisions?

I have been a freelance artist for a very short time, but during this time I realized that I have to “tone down” my style for client work, as I feel is not very commercial, to begin with. I have been part of the NFT art scene for more than a year, and this opened many opportunities for me and gave me the chance to develop my own style and get to where I am now.

Your favorite book, song, or film.

One of my favorite books is The Pearl by John Steinbeck; I don’t have a favorite song, it depends on my mood, and one of my favorite movies could be The Fifth Element, but it’s hard just to choose one.

Send a message to your future self.

To my future self: I hope you are making a comfortable living as an artist, now I’m on a roller coaster.


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