Interview With Filip Custic

Interview With Filip Custic

Art seems to always reflect a part of its inventor’s nature, purposely or without intention. Just as the scribbles of Da Vinci or Raphael instantly betray their origin, what does your style reveal about a deeper side of you? And, why do you think this part of you is what you have decided to make public? 

I like to say that in my creativity I recreate my “mental landscape”. All I show represents something I learned in that present time. I’m very clean, precise and organized, so I like that to be represented in my materializations. I think my late moods are: psychological, existential and minimalist. I also wonder about “time” as a concept. And why I’ve decided to make it public? Because I like to share. I’ve learned with the info that other people have shared with me. So I like to continue that path to evolve. 

Loneliness and introspection play roles in your work. How has loneliness or empowered exclusion played a role in your life? 

It’s good to know how loneliness feels to value its opposite, but also to achieve the balance. We tend to think about loneliness as something bad, but if it exists is because it’s necessary to learn from it. I think everyone feels lonely in a way. There’s always a side of you that feels lonely.

Interview With Filip Custic
Interview With Filip Custic

Today the unrestrained ego seems to exist at the center of everything. Your work, at times, is fascinated by reflection and self recreation. By using your physical body as a narcissistic object (not to assume you are narcissistic), how do you see your relationship to your body as a private entity in a public world? 

“Private” and “Public” as concepts are the macro trends now. That’s inspiring by itself. It’s a great duality to study and contemplate. Like, what’s real and not? Answering your question, I think balance is the key. I share parts of me, but I have my secrets too.

Esotericism, which contains Alchemy, Astrology, Tarocchi, etc. exist in the taboo range of speculative sciences, being called pseudoscience or fantasy. What is it about the lived imaginary that sparks your artistic style? And why do you think it is these things that furnish/populate your creations? 

As I said before, I like to materialize my present learnings. So in my creativity, I show the info that comes to me at that moment. I’m investigating all the disciplines to find my conclusions. My main goal is to understand what is all this, why are we all here? What’s reality? No matter if that’s through spirituality, science or whatever. 

Interview With Filip Custic
Interview With Filip Custic

Art is a compressed or instantiated allegory for/of life. Do you think art is more a reflection of hope than reality, seeing that it exists within a captured atemporal realm, existing as a static expression within time? 

For me, art represents “time” by itself. It helps me to give form to the intangible and the human’s mind.

Dada, Situationism, Surrealism, Symbolism, Absurdism and satire, all share commonalities with ‘Pataphysical art and literature (which you call an inspiration), but neither of the above captures its fullness. How is “imagination based on imagination” any different from deconstruction, the depiction of dreams, or trying to rationalize the irrational? And, if there is a difference, how can publics tell? 

In my view, my aesthetic comes from a mix of all my learnings and life experiences. I focus my attention on the info that comes to me at the moment. For example, the other day I was wondering about color logics. So I found out about Goethe’s color theory. I’m sure something will come soon inspired by that. I like to be very organic with my creativity.

Interview With Filip Custic
Interview With Filip Custic
Technology has brought with it a flattening and homogenization of creative expression, while simultaneously permitting evolution by providing new mediums of depiction and feeling. Do you think the reproduction of life (in its tangible and intangible aspects) can ever bring us to a new pure, or alien, aesthetic expression? 

Creation and evolution have always worked in the same way: copy-transform-combine. We started with the invention of fire and now we have something new called 5G. I think everything sounds alien until we get used to it. 

Seeing that we exist within a closed system with limited self-referential objects (planets reflecting the physical nature of atoms as an example), is it worth discussing the spiritual in temporal terms, if so why? What might this search into the invisible grant us? 

Spirituality says we are energy and vibration. So does science. I think we all talk about the same thing but in a different language. I try to find the truth through all the perspectives.


All images with courtesy of Filip Custic

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