Interview With Gab Bois

Interview With Gab Bois

How did your journey as an artist start and why did you choose art as a mean of communication?

I grew up as an only child and I feel that it really had a strong impact on my creative development. I’ve always enjoyed my own company but, especially as a child, being active and making things was super important in order to stay stimulated and it just so happened that it mostly came out as arts and crafts. I’ve always loved making things with my hands and sitting at a desk for hours until I get something done exactly the way I want it. Obviously I’ve grown and evolved a lot since making flower salads and popsicle stick houses for cats but that childhood passion remains and I couldn’t do what I do if it wasn’t for that.

Your works are defined by a satirical aura, which critiques today society. In this visual dialogue with the public, what messages should be captured and contemplated? 

I don’t ever want to give the viewer an intention before seeing my work. I always know what my intention was when creating a piece but it’s important to not spell it out to people. Because my work is very much personal and influenced by experience, I always find it interesting to see what people’s takeaway is when they see a piece completely out of context. That’s part of what allows a piece to evolve through time for me.

Interview With Gab Bois
Interview With Gab Bois

You are poetically exploring and depicting your concepts on parts of the human body. What are the boundaries when it comes to creating an impressive, but at the same time a provocative artwork? 

My main boundary in creating artwork is to not fall in the trap of shock value. Being my own model 99% of the time allows me to really explore the concept of the self while being able to push myself physically when needed to really serve the idea. I don’t think I would be able to do that if I was working with models. Because I’m portraying myself, the visuals feel pretty personal so it’s important that they stay relevant to me.

To what extent does your work mirror your personality? 

It’s definitely fuelled by my moods, tastes of the moment and different environments so if you know me, you can see some correlations between some times in my life and styles of work. Photography allows me to put out ideas so instantly that each work really reflects a small specific headspace. Something I love about working at such a fast pace is to be able to put out an idea and move on from it right away to then reflect on it later.

Interview With Gab Bois
Interview With Gab Bois

What is your favourite part of the creative process? Are you always satisfied with the final result?

My favourite part is definitely when I come up with an idea that I’m really passionate about. I love the feeling of fixation, not being able to think about anything else and having to stop whatever I’m doing to get to work. There’s an urge that I can’t find in anything else that really fascinates me. This happens only a few times a year but I cherish these moments of intensity a lot.

What makes you happy?

All dogs, finding nice dishes at the thrift store, being productive, and so many other things but these are what came to mind first.

Send a codified message to your future self.

You better have found the perfect name !!! Or else!!!

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All images with courtesy of Gab Bois

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