Intruducing: Black Ship Japan

Black Ship Japan’s musical essence is rooted in Jazz, yet, on this occasion, we bring three tracks crafted with the smooth elegance of ballads. Nevertheless, their repertoire drives a dynamic fusion of jazz elements intertwined with downtempo vibes, creating a captivating and personal aesthetic.

South Country Vision

South Country Vision embodies the essence of the Southern worldwide, offering a vivid portrayal of its charm and allure with its cool balance of textures.


SASANTI encapsulates a blend of melancholy, chill, and romance, infused with the enchanting mystique of Indonesian culture.


“SUNDA’S SOUL” delves deep into the rich tapestry of Indonesian Sunda culture. It offers an interpretation of the folk music cherished by the Sunda people, inviting audiences on a musical journey through their traditions and heritage.

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