Jeremy Booth’s Striking And Bold Illustrations

Jeremy Booth's Striking And Bold Illustrations

Jeremy Booth projects his sublime creativity through the language of illustration and painting. The images he composes are defined by clear delineation and expressive depiction. Color choice is opulent and strikingly vivid in nature, a brilliant accompaniment to the noir inspired style. The shapes of various figures and tasteful architecture appear quite immaculate, satisfying an innate desire for ideal symmetry. The uniformity is impeccable and Booth takes it a step further to install visualization of light in the image to establish its intelligent depth.

Jeremy Booth's Striking And Bold Illustrations

His work can be described as modern and sleek, even when they feature more retro imagery like a 70s style living room or furniture. The structural organization found in his work is simply stately. It is really no surprise that the artist has been enlisted by major entities like Amazon, GQ magazine, and Samsung to create for them commercially.

Jeremy Booth's Striking And Bold Illustrations

His style is universally polished and remarkable across the board. In addition to his digital illustrations, he exercises his skill in paintings where the end result is just as impressive but demonstrating another extraordinary quality to his overall aesthetic. Booth’s work is a delight to relish in and admire for his amazing expertise.

Jeremy Booth's Striking And Bold Illustrations


All images: Jeremy Booth

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