K2 Visual

K2 Visual is a Budapest studio that raises the activity of making visualizations of architecture in 3D, to the status of Art.

It is one of the reasons for being in the studio, something they strive to achieve. To perform the work, K2 Visual uses unconventional paths. It concentrates with special attention to the elements that they consider key to achieving the desired effect. The dedication they put into arranging the elements to achieve the most harmonious composition possible; the experience and knowledge to develop precise lighting; all this to achieve transmit the desired mood.

Among his large number of works, his collaboration with the Norwegian studio Helen & Hard stands out. The architects won a contest to build a museum on the Norwegian island Odderøya. Oriented towards the heritage and naval history of the area, will be part of a group of institutions in the region called the “Vest Adger Museums”.

In the development there was a special dedication in taking care of the natural beauty of the ecosystem. In addition to highlighting the close presence of water and the mountain. They have participated in other international competitions such as the “Beirut Museum of Arts competition” with LEFT Architects.

All images: K2 Visual

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