Wamhouse Studio Casts The 3D Forms Of Famous Logos

The nature of creatives is to wonder and question a way objects would appear as if present through the higher dimensions of existence.

As a transition happens in a collision of purpose and the lower existential dimension of an object, Wamhouse Studio with Karina Wiciak decided to add a value of that purpose for the famous logos in a form of tailor-made living spaces.

Wamhouse Studio Casts

Although the environmental atmosphere might appear even surreal, the presence of these logos is our reality. The sense each of the houses creates witnesses about the predilection to solitude and courage to stand for the unique expression of intent just like the logos do.

Wamhouse Studio Casts

The architectural design series “Logos” includes the trihouse, crosshouse,  rhombhouse and pyrahouse all with the qualities in common. Made out of concrete with the addition of irrationally sized glass surfaces these concepts are bringing to the discussion the value of one-way intended transparency due to the isolated position of the buildings while irresistibly catching the eye.

Wamhouse Studio Casts


Images with courtesy of Wamhouse Studio


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