Kiyan Forootan Animates Dancing Phantom-Shaped Fabrics

Kiyan Forootan is a designer of imagery that convey fluidity and rendering of physicality. Working from Vienna, Austria, the visual designer digitally choreographs his art in a variety of flavors of motion. Titillating viewers own sense of motion, his works consist of some object or figure engaged in a fascinating dance and a kind of manipulated mobility.

Some of the motion graphics consist of captured kinetics that layer upon each other, in a seemingly infinite fashion, to delineate just the space of activity and motion, in relation to the area. The result of his digitizations include magnificent silhouettes that operate in skins of vividness. In one clip, you can find a figure dancing in a coat of multicolored fur, almost resembling a character from Dr. Seuss.

Whimsical and absolutely enticing to watch, Forootan’s works are beautifully designed and quite advanced in its polished nature. The 3D animations even extend beyond digital worlds, but also are augmented into captures of real life streets of cities.

His skill is impressive to engage with when viewing his more abstract work, which still bear a trueness to his mastery in motion. All in all, Kiyan Forootan is quite the accomplished motion designer, producing timeless works that will stimulate the theory of kinetics applied in an artistic context.

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