Lynk & Co and Masquespacio Unveil Creative Oasis in Madrid

Creative Oasis of Lynk & Co and Masquespacio

Lynk & Co, the innovative automotive brand, has inaugurated its second Club in Madrid, strategically situated on the iconic Gran Vía. This expansive 360m² venue, conceptualized by the Masquespacio studio in collaboration with the Design Team, serves as a vibrant blend of creativity and functionality in the bustling heart of the city.

More than just an automotive dealership, the Lynk & Co Club Madrid is an adaptable and open space where visitors can work, shop, socialize, attend events, and even test drive Lynk & Co’s 01 model. The design, inspired by the seven artistic disciplines and notable landmarks of Madrid, offers a playful and ironic experience throughout.

Lynk & Co and Masquespacio Unveil Creative Oasis in Madrid

Visitors entering the Lynk & Co Club Madrid are welcomed by a cozy lounge area featuring a striking yellow sofa that encourages relaxation and social interaction. Dynamic mirrors and colored lights contribute to a lively atmosphere, inviting guests to explore every corner of the venue. Continuing through the space, guests encounter the bar, a staple of the brand, designed with neutral colors and materials that maintain Lynk & Co’s distinct identity.

Adjacent to the bar, a meeting area bathed in purple hues stands out, created by the contrasting elements of metal blinds and glass bricks. As visitors move towards the other main areas, they come across a selection of sustainably-focused Gears available for purchase. A large pink cube with decomposed shapes, housing one of Madrid’s cultural references, captures attention.

Lynk & Co and Masquespacio Unveil Creative Oasis in Madrid

The bathrooms at the Lynk & Co Club Madrid draw inspiration from the Teatro de La Zarzuela, transporting visitors to a world of glamour and sophistication with gold accents and dim lighting that evoke a theatrical ambiance. Another homage to Madrid is evident in the fitting room, designed with a fluorescent curtain that descends with the pull of a rope, reminiscent of the skirts of Las Meninas. Behind this fitting room, the Lynk & Co 01 is showcased in an environment that embodies the vehicle’s futuristic and technological essence.

Descending the stairs, visitors find themselves among clouds, leading to the final two spaces of the new Lynk & Co Club Madrid. There is a meeting and event area with tables and seats that evoke scenes from Asian films, culminating in a pop art bathroom that adds a playful twist to the space. The Masquespacio team has channeled their ingenuity and creativity into the design of the Lynk & Co Club Madrid, aiming to create a unique and memorable experience for visitors.

Lynk & Co and Masquespacio Unveil Creative Oasis in Madrid
Lynk & Co and Masquespacio Unveil Creative Oasis in Madrid

All Images Credit: Masquespacio 

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