MakeGrowLab Creates A Revolutionary Material To Replace Plastic Packaging


Polish design trailblazer Roza Janusz and Josh Brito an environmental scientist have melded minds to create the MakeGrowLab.

Their product Scoby is a bio-revolutionary material that’s positioned to replace plastic packaging as we know it. Scoby is qualitatively unique in that it is biodegradable, a superb oxygen barrier like plastic but that it can be grown anywhere in the world from a microorganism culture and natural constituents.

Being 100% compostable with a rustic texture and health-focused allure, Scoby contains all the beloved qualities of plastic packaging such as being ink sustaining, so it can be printed on, easily shaped, lightweight, durable, water-resistant and even edible. Seeing that it’s estimated that by 2050 there will be a more plastic waste in the oceans than fish, this natural product which is designed with a two-year lifespan, will never clog our waterways, or even harm animal life that may use it for food.


All images: MakeGrowLab

For more information, visit the MakeGrowLab website

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