Marco Pavone Generates A Diversity Of Awe-Inspiring Worlds

Through a distinguished career exhibiting proficiencies in all dimensions of illustration and animation, Marco Pavone, of Naples Italy, generates a diversity of awe-inspiring worlds. Graduating from Accademia Disney and working with a number of celebrities and world recognized brands, Pavone demonstrates understanding in how to communicate his original inner visions through ambitious and sometimes curious animated sequences.

His recent team project named Tropico is a 12 episode miniseries set in the dark glistening world of a post technocratic age. His character concepts alluding to similar personalities found in the Zelda franchise, mixed with Capcom’s Chiki Chiki Boys, and with story elements from the film Apocalypto, utilizes achromatic, metal like point light camera occlusion, or toon/Cel-shading, to increase the mystery of his narrative delivering a spell bounding result.

Pavones’ combination of 2d animation in 3d environments also seems his hallmark, in many of his commercials or film festival winning films, he blends perspectives to create an illustrated 3 dimensionality that really has a memorable impact.

Sexuality is also a theme of Pavones’ work, he plays with the relationships men and women have with each other, especially making the female body a symbol of desire. Pavones’ breath of ability and topic make him an artist that everyone should both know and enjoy.

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