Marie-Marie Dutour Proposes A New Way Of Heating

Marie-Marie Dutour is a product and research designer located in Paris. She completed a master’s degree from l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, majoring in object design.

As a winner of the 3rd prize in the “Aluminum for eco-design” competition in 2015 Environmental issues are at the heart of her research design. In 2016, Marie-Marie wrote a thesis about the power of fiction in the environmental challenges of today. Based on this writing, her graduation project is the result of a year-long exploration with the help of physicians and users, on new ways of heating.

She aimed to obtain a more accurate perception of heat with less energy consumption. This project, called “Expressions Thermiques” was showcased in several exhibitions and was a finalist in the international contest of the Design Parade de Hyères 2019 and exhibited at the Villa Noailles.

Marie-Marie Dutour Proposes A New Way Of Heating

Ardent as a part of an Expressions Thermiques project (Thermal Expressions), is researching alternatives to contemporary heating devices. This project was started with the observation notice of today’s domestic heating systems as flawed. Often hidden, uncomfortable, and highly energy-consuming, they ironically lack “heat.”

Dutour decided to search for alternatives to heating the air of space and wasting precious heat through air flows. Through three tangible heating devices, I wanted to create objects that interact with the users and that adapt to their specific needs and state of mind. This wall lamp explores the interaction of the body towards a strong and dynamic heat through its colors, position, and materials. It is inspired by the aesthetic qualities of the sun to provoke both distance and comfort.

Marie-Marie Dutour Proposes A New Way Of Heating
Marie-Marie Dutour Proposes A New Way Of Heating


All images with courtesy of Marie-Marie Dutour

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