Mariko Mori’s Work Is Weaving Together Concepts Of Science And Art

Japanese artist Mariko Mori is a laborer of ingenuity and an imaginative designer of art through many different mediums such as sculpture, interactive installation, photos, videos, and live performances. Her contemporary art is drenched in imagery that transports viewers to perspectives of science-fiction and fantasy. The forms and iconography living in her work harbors a perpetual shimmering elegance, establishing a timeless aura that always seems to be alluding to the future.

The design that Mori invents is divine and calls to a higher level of thinking. Her works often mingle in questions about mortality, technology, and the idea of reality. Weaving together concepts of science into her work, Mori’s installations are inherently intellectual and of great substance through and through. With her art displayed worldwide, her reach has been boundless and continues to evolve.

As uncertain and vast as the future is, so are Mori’s artistic inspirations and body of work. She captures forms and elevates them to a degree of advanced fineness. Her installations are intuitive with a keen mastery of harnessing light to illuminate her projects tastefully. Mariko Mori wows audiences around the world with her art seen in places like London’s Royal Academy of Arts and at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

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