The Emotion Elevating Design Of Marion Lasserre

With a BFA from Parsons, and an MA in Material Futures from Central Saint Martins, Marion Lasserre takes us on a multi-sensory voyage through her La Nostalgie du Futur concept. Labeled the brain Spa, Lasserre has created a wearable apparatus that submerges the senses into a meditative escape that is meant to free its wearer from the world’s arduous burdens.

“The stress associated with living in urban areas has increased our susceptibility to mental illnesses. As our lives have become more condensed, there has also been a surge in the need to disconnect.” explains Lasserre.

The Emotion Elevating Design Of Marion Lasserre

By allowing wearers to become lost in fragrance, sound, and soothing visual distortions, these united experiences increase serotonin levels in order to sooth the body, and increase feelings of well being.

Through an EEG headset, the brain spa experience can be read and measured to know how well emotional states are being elevated, so that peek experience can be achieved.

The combination of multiple technologies, including artificial intelligence, as with the stunning simplicity of this multi-functional device, all add to its imaginatively useful allure.

The Emotion Elevating Design Of Marion Lasserre


All images: Marion Lasserre

For more information, visit the Marion Lasserre website

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