Marjan Moghaddam Explores Dazzling Shape-shifting 3D Forms

Digital artist Marjan Moghaddam explores dazzling shape-shifting forms in computer generated formats that ostensibly exist in our environment. Mesmerizing and splendidly composed, the 3D animations of Moghaddam electrify viewers with visual gymnastics of an ingenious caliber. Her unique style is marked by an ever-changing amorphousness that impress audiences time and time again. What is riveting to watch is how her digitized subjects move about in our real world context seen through video clips.

Their interaction with the environment is totally convincing and addicting to watch. With the use of motion capture technology, Moghaddam is able to artfully develop scenes of dynamic movement. Augmented reality is an art movement that she is vastly contributing to with her stately oeuvre. Via VR, prints, installation, sculpture, and net illustration, Moghaddam’s work has been featured in museums, galleries, and festivals across many nations.

Having spearheaded the hashtag art collection “#arthacks,” the series has gone viral receiving plenty of praise and views from many. She views the internet as a space for virtual artistic exhibition, for “digital street art” to flourish and inhabit. Marjan Moghaddam is pioneering individual who offers so much to the art world, represented by Noow Digital and working in her studio in Brooklyn. 

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