Mate Steinforth Creates Refined And Artistically Advanced Visuals

Mate Steinforth of Berlin, Germany is a visual artist for the future. With the somewhat recent advent of face filters in social media applications, Steinforth has conjured some ultramodern and space-age style filters that Instagram users worldwide enjoy. His vision is one that is innovative in the sense that it evokes an erudite flair culminating into a refined and yet artistically advanced aesthetic.

Viewers are awed by the artist’s eccentric conceptualizations, even reimagining of some of the more mundane aspects of daily life. Some of his more recent works include a colorful commentary on technology as seen in clips of never-ending curtains of blue screened messages on Windows 10, the motions and use of touch screen phones translated onto swiping right on a person’s face, and a remote that features a Twitter button.

Steinforth’s work also includes more undulating shapes that morph and shift in a wonderfully chromatic visual experience. These scenes attest to the level of technological skill the artist demonstrates through each photo and clip.

Additionally, he also seems to incorporate hands and their manipulation into a large part of his work. Steinforth explores various settings and ideas to impose upon such familiar forms. A special kind of ingenuity and success can be expected from this artist in the very near future.

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