Modus Studio Builds The Soaring Rustic Evans Tree House

Modus Studio Builds

Nestled among the native oaks and fragrant pines of the Ouachita Mountain hillside in Arkansas, is the soaring rustic Evans Tree House, created by Modus studio.

With the intention to re-establishing children’s awe of nature’s wonders, Modus has bridged the gap between computer aided craftsmanship and carful handcraft to erect a slotted horn-shaped abode in the forest that detracts nothing from nature’s splendors.

Modus Studio Builds

Made up of laser cut iron and 113 fins composed of thermalized Arkansas southern yellow pine, its semi-transparent screens allow the children to feel like they have found a quaint secret hideaway among the tree’s twinkling leaves. Modus studio is a forward thinking design collective that appreciates the details of nature and its organic craft.

Modus Studio Builds

Many of their projects are intended to merge with natural environments, or to bring a human touch to the natural world in a way where people are invited to enjoy the splendors of nature, while appreciating the perfections of intuitive design.

Modus Studio Builds
Modus Studio Builds


Photography: Timothy Hursley

For more information, visit the Modus Studio website

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