The Monochromatic Conceptual Drawings Of Carl Krull

The monochromatic conceptual drawings of Carl Krull are what Baconian confinement and analogue renderings of 3d-structured light scans would resemble. Hauntingly beautiful and poetically profound, Krulls’ series of Barrier drawings critique how social isolation and technological submersion can tell us metaphysical secrets about veiled inner states. A binary meditation on imprisonment and reaction, Krulls’ pieces focus on the human subject as convolution in expression. As his environments leave the second dimensional medium and extend beyond the perceptual frame, we’re also given a hope for freedom but are not told as to what.

Krulls’ causal line patterns evoke claustrophobic feelings that also elevate viewers from seeing the world as being only mass with physical limitations. As if intuition has been reduced to binary substances, through the use of positive and negative, we’re given a visual contemplation on being and its essences. In this same way, viewers are also shown the power contained within rebelling against limitations that seem to originate from within themselves.

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