NCDA Proposes A Postmodernist Sweet Laboratory In Hong Kong

NCDA Proposes A Postmodernist

Hong Kong architect Nelson Chow has designed a postmodernist sweet laboratory in Causeway Bay.

Eat Darling Eat presents interiors that are as delicious as the confectionary. The design aesthetic is fully immersive and stimulates visual senses with provocative and joyful nuances. NC Design & Architecture Ltd. used bright geometries and organic shapes to create an illusory environment. The result is a surreal and a utopian remedy that enhances the global perspective of popular culture and celebrates the art of dessert making. “This dessert laboratory offers customers a visual respite from bustling Causeway Bay with whimsical interiors that mirror the imaginative, eclectic menu of delicious bites and the brand’s innovative philosophy of rediscovering classic childhood desserts, with a very contemporary twist,” Chow explains.

NCDA Proposes A Postmodernist

For Eat Darling Eat Chow opted for a playful mix of simple concrete and saturated colours, geometric shapes and surreal optical illusions.

“Yellow tinted glass separates the two levels, attracting customers upstairs where a pink lounge with reflective ceiling and flooring creates a luscious backdrop as they enjoy their desserts,” said the designer.

NCDA Proposes A Postmodernist

The space serves modern updates of traditional local desserts such as egg tarts, pineapple buns and tong sui, as well as sweet cocktails.

“The corners at each end of the lounge have angular tables with a rounded end and curved walls imprinted with vivid artwork presenting optical illusions so customers enjoy a visual sensation while they savour their innovative, experimental desserts,” added Chow.

NCDA Proposes A Postmodernist
NCDA Proposes A Postmodernist


All images: NCDA

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