Nicole Hone Designs Industrial Marvels

Crafting artistic curiosities that plait sophisticated technology, unsullied design, and influences from nature is Nicole Hone’s forte.

The industrial designer from New Zealand has recently accomplished a Master of Design Innovation degree from Victoria University of Wellington. With profound familiarity in painting and intrigue in nature, Hone creates her pieces with an inherent experience for the viewer to embrace. The methods of design she uses include tools like 3D printing, laser cutting, Photoshop, and ZBrush.

Some of Hone’s featured works include an urn, a speaker, a lamp, and space-age sea critters. The objects all serve a purpose, sometimes they can be multifunctional too. The “Duo-Urn” (2017) is an example of an immaculate product that customers can personalize for their loved one’s ashes. The various urn designs have a fluid and radiant aesthetic. Additionally, the urn is able to serve a second purpose like containing a garden, space for meaningful items, or a vase.

Another ambitious feat is “Nalo” (2016), the wireless speaker that can be planted into soil. Hone’s intention behind crafting such a creation is to draw people closer to nature. The speaker is built to emit sound in a short radius in order to accomplish this end. The speaker’s physical design resembles forms found among plants and flora. Taking a closer look, the 3D printed stem of the speaker contains a narrow cavity in its wall that displays the capillary action of fluid that occurs naturally in the environment’s foliage.

Nicole Hone’s skills are pronounced and boundless on so many levels. Her enthusiasm for design and inventiveness can be utilized in all sorts of settings across the board. It wouldn’t be surprising to see her work in creating multifunctional products for everyday use or for special effects in the film industry. The innovation pulsing through her works offers immersive experiences that inspire audiences all around.

All images, courtesy of artist: Nicole Hone

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