Nike PG3: Paul George’s Third Signature Shoe

Image: Nike

Brand: Nike

Project Name: PG3

Description: The PG3 shoes are an evolutionary peak in the series of exclusive Nike designs for the basketball player Paul George. The product reflects his development as an NBA player, to be an experienced star in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. The Nike designer Tony Hardman perfected the PG3 on three basic concepts that meet Paul George’s three specific needs. Traction, adjustment and weight have been developed to enhance his game.

• Traction: The sole delivers improved grip in both directions.

• Adjustment: The manufacturing keeps the parts together without seams, to achieve an attractive neatness.

• Weight: Lower weight means faster movement speed. The PG3 weigh about an ounce less than its predecessors.

There will be a special edition of the PG3, with color design details inspired by the NASA. The idea comes from the fact that in Palmdale, California, (the hometown of Paul George) there is a research center of the United States’ space agency.

Image: Nike

Image: Nike

Image: Nike

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