Novus Introduces A Carbon Electric Motorcycle


The Novus electric bike created by co-founders René Renger and Marcus Weidig of German design extraction, have pushed the world one step closer to lightweight, super strong, hybrid urban transport. Seeming to take its carbon fiber monocoque frame’s shape from a hexagonal twill weave, the Novus electric bike is meant to be the consummation of sport bike chic, mixed with urbane scooter cool, with lingering notes of custom PC chassis builds and an alluring profile silhouette.



Though it is not visually intimidating, nor politely unobtrusive, it straddles a middle realm of that je ne sais quoi that many can appreciate. The Novus has harmonious LED lamp to body integration, a li-ion battery with a maximum range of 3 hours in city traffic, a seamless blending of its forks and suspension to its seat inlaid frame, and an aerodynamic appeal most often seen in F1 race cars. If anything, the Novus is a product of German appreciation for vision pleasing engineering.


For more information, visit the Novus website

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