Nuro: Delivering The Future Of Local Commerce Autonomously

Nuro: Delivering The Future

Delivery robotics or autonomous robots have become all the rage of late. Nuro, created by a genius team composed of top intellectuals from around the world, has created the first self driving, fully autonomous, product transport vehicle that is safe, cost effective, and needs no human aid. It was designed to be lighter and slimmer than traditional vehicles of its size, and is one hundred percent electrical so it needs no one to fill its tank. Having state-of-the-art sensors and AI software systems, it is positioned to be the go to option for delivering everything from dry-cleaning, online packages to daily groceries.

Nuro: Delivering The Future

The Nuro’s onboard brain interprets the world by using GPS calculations, custom built HD 3d maps and 12 cameras, as with radar and ultrasonic/audio sensors to intuit every obstacle in its environment. The idea of on demand delivery has been anticipated in many ways in the past, in the twentieth century, city wide pneumatic transportation systems were imagined to provide instant package and food delivery, and teleportation has always been the dream of every science fiction aficionado. The Nuro as a friendly driving robot is taking us one step closer to the dream of near automatic delivery.


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