Olafur Eliasson Reflects Geometric Ingenuity

Olafur Eliasson heads an artistic movement that is cerebral and eloquently deliberate. Founded in 1995, Studio Olafur Eliasson embraces the skills of nearly a hundred individuals, comprising of researchers, art historians, craftsmen, architects, and even cooks.

Eliasson creates art in several mediums such as painting, photography, film, sculpture, and robust installation. His reach extends beyond museum viewings, making his art multifaceted and incredibly fluid. Eliasson’s work can be seen in public spaces, civic areas, projects of architecture, and the construction of policy. Many of Eliasson’s artwork plays on the concept of reflection and interaction.

Some creations feature a warped mirror or some other manipulation to the same effect. The pieces draw viewers into contemplating their own perception and the perception the art presents to the viewer. Each work seems to possess a dialogue that engages viewers to internalize what it means in relevance to society as a whole.

The design that goes into each work is symmetrically sound and pleasing to the eye. Eliasson molds and manoeuvres all sorts of shapes in such a way that taps into a philosophical context. The precision is impeccable and a feat of a geometric scale. It is wholly tangible the amount of devotion Eliasson imparts upon each work. Eliasson’s ingenuous works have been showcased around the world. His art has been heralded in places like Paris, Berlin, Munich, New York, and many cities in Denmark.

One of Eliasson’s many great exhibitions includes one hosted at the Palace of Versailles in Paris in the year 2016. Throughout the property, his pieces were mounted for viewers to intermingle with. Several involved mirrors and reflection, bringing a heightened sense of awareness and consciousness for the palace goers. Outside in the garden area, a soaring tower was erected that made for an artificial yet striking waterfall in the body of water. Olafur Eliasson has no end to innovative originality and remarkably precise design.

All works courtesy of the artist; Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York / Los Angeles; neugerriemschneider, Berlin

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