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OLTA is the enterprise of a streaming flow of multidimensional NFTs, brought into the digital cosmos by visionary artists. These talents are exclusively selected to mint and showcase their art in real time across the vast access of web networks. Not only is the artisanship remarkably receptive via various interface accessibility, the NFTs reel enthusiasts further into the artist’s craft by introducing an interactive element to the melange.

Something to keep an eye out for is resident artist Tamrat, who minted an interactive NFT experience outfitted with an ability to control vantage points from multiple modalities such as Oculus and mobile browsers. The work of artists like Tamrat are housed here at OLTA to elevate and celebrate art from all facets of creativity.

OLTA is well acquainted with the realm of the multiverse as the hub with a leading blade in furnishing the next excitingly new and experimental NFT the world has yet to see.

Laureano Solis – ‘Meanwhile’


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Laureano’s 3D Interactive Artwork, ‘Meanwhile’ is an exploration of concurrent dimensions in a vast sea of realities. Our relative existence occurs in simultaneous planes. His concept is discovered when you scroll forward and backwards or pinching fingers on a mobile device.

This piece is very relatable to a creative journey. Starting out in a somewhat serine place full of grand ideas and slightly peckish to get started. Time passes and you’re in the weeds fighting unforeseen little bugs… until eventually you’re lost having the realisation you’ve gone about it all wrong but maybe learnt something. Rinse and repeat.

Please visit ‘Meanwhile’ on OLTA to interact with it and collect his 1/1 NFT.

Tamrat – ‘Form’


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Tamrat’s Interactive VR Artwork, ‘Form’ is an interactive virtual space that changes structure over time. It’s the result of Tamrat’s exploration into our sense of scale. This artwork has quite the range of interactive control, on mobile, desktop and VR headset. And in what we believe, this is the first interactive VR NFT artwork in the web3 space !

If you have a VR headset, visit the artwork ‘Form’ on OLTA via the Occulus web browser, where you will see a VR button. You can teleport around the VR scene to experience the art from different vantage points as-well as change between four variations. The Desktop and mobile versions offer you control to move around the scene in 3D.

If you are lucky enough to own a VR headset, we recommend visiting ‘Form’ on Olta in VR, to see the full effect and also place a bid on his 1/1 NFT.

Sim – ‘Chaos Theory’


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Sim’s genesis 3D interactive artwork ‘Chaos Theory’ makes a statement that the unpredictable futures of life are all in the right place. Chaos is all a matter of perception.

This artwork has quite the range of interactive control on desktop. WASD + mouse click to move through the 3D evolving looping scene and toggle spacebar to lock the camera from your preferred vantage point in the artwork. !

Visit ‘Chaos Theory’ on OLTA, make it full-screen and explore. And of course, bid to collect his 1/1 NFT.

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