Ondrej Zunka’s Mythical Concepts Executed In 3D Animation

For someone who earned a Master’s degree in Economy and System Engineering, Ondrej Zunka established himself as an artistic visionary with his digital art experimentations and projects. Having learned the ropes of 3D animation all on his own and in creative studios like Future Deluxe, Aixsponza, ManvsMachine, Zunka sharpened the technical skills he gained from his self-studies through commissioned works.

The expression found in Zunka’s digital imagery is profound and deeply rousing. A refined look enhances the delivery of the concepts seen in the images.

Relevancy is an aspect that Zunka masters, creating pieces that are directly inspired by the consequences of technology in our modern era. The ideology underlying his body of work provides an open commentary about the future and what’s to come.

The goal of his work is to have viewers think about the future and its infinite possibilities with a mood of skepticism and a spirit of inquiry. There is a certain depth to Zunka’s portfolio that simply cannot be ignored. The animations are richly designed with a keen focus on details, embarking viewers on a chimerical journey.

The Czech artist lives and works from London. Notable companies like Nike, Apple, MTV, and Mercedes Benz has featured his stellar work in their product campaigns.

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