Oros: Advanced Apparel Inspired By NASA Technology

Oros By NASA Technology

Designer: Oros

Project Name: Solarcore Insulation

Description: Oros is a brand of outerwear for extremely cold climates. The brand uses a material called Solarcore, a space technology that achieves greater thermal insulation with a smaller volume of material. With the use of Solarcore, Oros makes an apparel that besides being the warmest, is thinner, lighter, and consequently much more versatile than most garments, within the same range. Oros has patented Solarcore that offers a thermal performance superior to 70%, with a volume of less than 200%. In this way, the user has greater freedom of movement. The key features of Solarcore material is its high breathing capacity. Related to this, it has an incomparable thermal performance. In addition to being an extremely lightweight and flexible fabric. Oros developed this material on the basis of the aerogel developed by NASA for the thermal insulation of spacecrafts. Thus they came to create the warmest clothes with the smallest volume of material in history.

Oros By NASA Technology

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