Orqa Motivates Users To Uplift To The Sleek Modern Feeling In Handling Devices

Orqa‘s FPV One goggles are launching to broader and clearer uncharted heights of drones flight.

Orqa combines functionality with modern aesthetics by an artistically implemented visual and tactile construct into a sophistically engineered software and hardware system. Following the ergonomy and user experience are key factors, FPV One goggles truly (re)presents a way of handling such a device can be uplifted by the sleek modern feeling. Sharp folds emerging into a pleasing set of triangular surfaces ensure the complexity of geometrical expression does not leave remaining nor feeling unnoticed. The idea of the design was the dystopian apocalypse – a product that represents the future in combining cultural perception of humanity hereafter.

Orqa Motivates

Orqa FPV.One ensures the edge to edge crisp image on the best in a class OLED displays for FPV headset. It provides with a standard analog VRx or digital input by micro HDMI video port. Recording FPV footage is available in high definition directly from the goggles with built-in HD DVR, with no frames loss. Its open architecture enables expandability and upgrades through two module bays.

Preserving displays and saving battery power is enabled by a built-in auto-standby feature. The best antenna performance is guaranteed with Orqa Head Tilt Alarm. Designed for pilots by pilots, with ergonomic, lightweight and the highest-end materials in the FPV world. Every unit is hand-assembled and QC’d by a team of engineers and technicians, proudly designed and made in Croatia, Europe.

Orqa Motivates


All images with courtesy of Orqa


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