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Ouchhh is a new-media art studio from Istanbul, Turkey. The studio is known for creating immersive, interactive installations that use technology and data to explore the relationship between the physical and digital worlds. Ouchhh’s work often combines cutting-edge technology, such as virtual reality, with more traditional mediums like sculpture and architecture.

Leading the way in the realm of data-inspired artwork, Ouchhh embraces a unique, cognitive approach to uncovering new technological methods to depict the complex intersection of art, science, and technology. Their forward-thinking perspective is shaped by the mysterious roots of these fields. Comprising a diverse group of engineers, scholars, designers, media artists, and other skilled individuals, the team at Ouchhh is united by a shared vision of using knowledge to create a truly immersive public experience.

ATLAS OCEAN DATA Immersive Experience Public Art for Les Bassins de Lumières

Dive into the depths of the ocean with Ouchhh’s Ocean Data installation. This unique experience seamlessly blends art, science, and technology to offer a truly immersive and temporal journey. Explore the North Atlas Ocean and Bay of Biscay with scientific data as your guide, all within the walls of the “Light Basins” at Les Bassins de Lumières – the largest digital art center in the world. Managed by Culturespaces, these four water basins within the Underwater Base in Bordeaux create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for visitors, as the digital exhibitions are reflected in the 12m high, 110m long, and 22m wide pools.

MOTHEREARTH_Climate Change AI Data Painting_Sculpture for ArtScıence Museum and iLightSingapore Festival

This Ouchhh installation is not just a display, but a reflection of Singapore’s city and its inhabitants through data. Using 40 years’ worth of environmental data such as air quality, CO2 emissions, and climate change, the studio paint a picture of life in Singapore on the facade of the ArtScience Museum. To bring this installation to life, AI analyze thousands of data points related to Singapore’s climate change and environmental data.

The data visualization aspect of the installation uses scientific data in an artistic way to highlight the interconnectedness of the different datasets. Additionally, the AI component of the installation uses the data to create particles with specific characteristics such as size, emission location, birth and death times, motion paths, and color. The process of creating these characteristics is an experimental journey, where we strive to find the most impactful representation of the data and AI results.


Experience the future of Mexico City with “The Eye of Mexico”, the first permanent AI Data Sculpture public art piece in Latin America. Located in the heart of the new mixed-use development, Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco, an Ivanhoé Cambridge investment developed by MIRA, this sculpture is a portal to the future of Mexico City.

“The Eye of Mexico” was chosen as the winner of the global Call for Artists launched by MIRA and MASSIVart. This AI-driven masterpiece masterfully incorporates demographic, urban and mobility data for all of Mexico and will transport you to Mexico’s future as well as highlight the significance of Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco’s impressive real estate development project as a turning point in the urban landscape.

Ouchhh portfolio is quite diverse and includes around 60 public art projects around the world. The company’s work has been recognized and awarded by several organizations such as Reddot design Best of the Best Awards, German Design Award, Iconic Best of the Best Award, MUSE Awards, etc.

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