Pasque Dudley Mawalla Designs The Santuri Washbasin As A Record Player

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The Santuri Washbasin takes its name from the Kiswahili translation of the word ”Record player”.

Designed by Pasque Dudley Mawalla, the Santuri Washbasin is a homage piece that pays tribute to traditional musical roots. With a great passion for music himself, Santuri Washbasin’s inspiration was of the record player, intending to make music lovers relive a piece of the past in the form of a washbasin. The Santuri washbasin comes with a two town basin that replicates the record players’ platter together with its tonearm. In the case of the Santuri, this has become its custom mixer. To achieve an emotional connection with the users of the Santuri, Pasque D. Mawalla designed the Santuri Washbasin to function just as record players do.

The series of motion that the body goes through when operating a record player becomes an act of memory when having the Santuri washbasin in use — keeping that emotional /physical connection alive. The turning of its tonearm towards the basin allows water to flow through the headshell of the mixer. When the tonearm is moved back into its starting positions, it stops the flow of water, similarly as it would on the record player. The Santuri tries to pay homage to a significant moment in music by bringing its most iconic element to our homes.

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Photography: Pasque Dudley Mawalla

For more information, visit the Pasque D. Mawalla Website // Instagram

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