Refik Anadol’s Data Driven Art.0

Refik Anadol constructs structural masterpieces with special detail to color gradient and a reformed approach to architecture. As a media artist and director at RAS, Anadol applies “machine intelligence algorithms” to manifest his remarkable abstractions. His 3-D embossing of various buildings are especially magnificent to watch protrude and expand into its own space. The presence of the building is brought about in a way only Anadol can muster, a technique that is exploratory of many intriguing architecture styles of different eras. He presents to the world a new perspective to analyzing and appreciating edifices of distinctive styles.

The cross sectional morphing images are absolutely enthralling and impressive to witness. Novel lighting effects and sophisticated construction are trademark to the artist’s style. Anadol generates 3-D sculptures and visuals that involve interpreting data and incorporating it in an artistic framework. His portfolio includes works for big names like LA Philharmonic, Siemans, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Google, and Beverly Center. The exhibitions Anadol displays are graphically dazzling and immersive at the same time. The compositions are driven by data and scientific formulary. It is a brainy accomplishment that Refik Anadol possesses such an incredible capacity to meld technological intellect and an exceptional sense of creativity.

Artist: Refik Anadol

Instagram // Vimeo

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