Rhymeslikedimez’s Imagery Has A Powerful Connection To Music

You could practically hear the life springing forth from Robin Velghe‘s sprightly illustrations and animations alike. A large part of this is due to his powerful connection to music. Velghe’s music inspiration is clearly and deliriously amalgamated into his design. His other sources of inspiration include positivity, hip hop, and influences of mainstream pop culture.

The world he creates for viewers is one that appears universally pleasing, relevant, and brimming with a fuzzy happiness. Velghe’s work can be associated with famous musicians like Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, and Bruno Mars. His project called Rhymeslikedimez is all about illustrations that reflect the sentiments Velghe feels when he listens to music he loves in a type of manner that opens the door for all persons to relate to.

The choice in color is totally complementary to the silhouettes of the drawings. The aesthetic is purposeful and displays a high quality across the board. Through his artwork, Velghe represents an urban culture that lives and breathes in today’s society.

The Belgian illustrator has created commissioned works for clients like MTV, Interscope, Apple Music, Republic Records, and Amazon Prime. Robin Velghe expresses a whole lot of joy and unity in his imagery.

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