Rob Woodcox’s Photos Echo Voices Of Diversity

There exists a polymorphic soul in the works of Rob Woodcox, his photographs blissfully formulate a statement with regard to social matters like body positivity, the foster system in the US, queer identity, and more. He draws inspiration for his artistry from his own personal experiences such as being adopted as a child. This lends itself to an unwavering acknowledgement of compassion and empathy present throughout Woodcox’s portfolio.

Rob Woodcox's Photos Echo Voices Of Diversity

His style intertwines familiarity with fantastic imagination, conceptualizing in a way that awakens the core of any human that views his photos. Woodcox explores the various strata of humanity in ways as visceral as examining the human body as a fabric for threading meaning. The subjects, as well as the backdrop, are often stylized to a degree of telling fantasy.

Rob Woodcox's Photos Echo Voices Of Diversity

Fluid intimacy, multiethnic strength, beauty in form, labyrinthe relationships. Such elements are demonstrated so marvelously and with tact. It is totally evident that thhere is careful design behind each photograph, Woodcox does not hold back with putting an immense amount of thought into each concept and bringing it to fruition. The driving force for Woodcox’s art is a noble one, to overcome detrimental social constructs and to restore hope in the human experience, in the connection that can be found in one another. 

Rob Woodcox's Photos Echo Voices Of Diversity


All images: Rob Woodcox

For more information, visit the Rob Woodcox website

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