Hubert Chen Designs A Garment To Ensure A Safe Landing

Hubert Chen Designs A Safe Landing

Designer: Hubert Chen

Project Name: Safe Landing Garment

Description: Safe Landing Garment is concept by Hubert Chen. The product is designed to protect and ensure a safe landing for people, especially athletes. As the human weight during a landing can go up to 7 times more than the normal weight, this can cause serious injuries. To validate his project, Chen has consulted previously different professionals and studied the anatomy of landing techniques. He used 3D-printing technology to directly print compression patterns on fabric. The design can be ordered to fit the user’s specific anatomy and applied without assistance. Being inspired by the beauty of human experience Hubert Chen designs products with a meaning. He is continuously studying to improve his skills necessary in blending beauty to design.

Hubert Chen Designs A Safe Landing
Hubert Chen Designs A Safe Landing

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